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  • Số năm kinh nghiệm 7 Năm
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Giáo dục

Kinh nghiệm

  • 2022 - Hiện tại
    Fleming International Vietnam Ltd, Dong Nai

    Production & IE Manager

    Manage the day by day order, JIT material.
    •Handling 1000HC and two manufacturing units.
    •Looking the daily, or periodically consumption and loss of raw
    •Leading Industrial Engineering team and following Line
    Balancing, Capacity, Headcounts and Layout related IE works.
    •Cost saving projects (Minimize HC & Control process Waste).
    • Maintains the safe environments and 5S on floors.
    •Evaluating the process optimization and workers motion.
    •Taking meeting with team and following status of works.
    •Co-relating with Merchandizing, QA & ME team for related
    •Maintaining the planning for consumption, and sharing with
    Management & PUR team. Checking Forecast and making RM and
    Production plan accordingly.
    • Sharing and presenting the Report with Management team .
    •Handling the Audits and customer visits.
    •Dealing and visiting to local supplier.
    •Attending Meeting with Customer related issues or general
    •Team member of technical team, NPD and costing team.

  • 2019 - 2022
    Far East Foam (Indochine) Ltd, Binh Duong

    Production Manager

    Manage the manufacturing team’s day-to-day operation and Monitor
    the Production output with proper manpower and machinery
    •Able to handle and lead the big team and motivate the team to bring
    out the best result for the team.
    •Execute industrial engineering techniques and drive change to
    exist processes with increased productivity and efficiency.
    • Evaluate new technology, machinery processes and execute best
    production methods.
    •Always working on waste minimization and Yield improvement
    Check The customer Weekly and Monthly Forecast demand and plan
    the raw material accordingly.
    •Customer demand execute with Production capacity and plan for
    smooth production line without any delay. Also,plan for the raw material
    requirement basis on customer demand.
    •Follow up with customers regarding their time Shipments, Delay,
    Changes, and other issues
    •Present the weekly & Monthly MIS report of Production Outcome

  • 2016 - 2019
    Sheela Foam Limited, Gujarat India

    Section Manager

    Handling the manpower and production.
    •Working on production improvement and manpower reduction
    •Implementing 5’S activity effectively in the department.
    •Team member for Customer complaint analysis & implement the
    corrective & preventive action to avoid the recurrence & to reduce
    customer related issues
    •Working on the implementation of TPM.
    •Attending daily Meetings (Production Loss meetings) with all
    department heads & doing the analysis for the same to avoid
    production loss, quality issues & to fulfill the customer
    •Internal/QMS Audit in the organization to implement ISO: TS
    16949:2009 effectively & monitor the compliance ofthe same.
    •Facing the regular external customer audits & ISO: TS 16949:2009
    •Team member for the continual improvement activity (Kaizen ).
    •Conducting the training program for the associates on Quality
    Management System (QMS) & monitoring the effectiveness of the
    •Coordinate with PPC, Maintenance & Dispatch department.
    •Ensure to follow safety rules & PPE usages on the shop floor,also a
    member of fire fighting & First aid.
    •Ensure the compliances of TS-16949, ISO, EHS, OHSAS and
    maintain its related documents.
    •Team member of CFT and R& D team.

Kỹ Năng Chuyên Môn

Diploma in Supply chain Management

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